Meatpaper Issue TWENTY
published August, 2013



issue TWENTY

In Meatpaper 20, we explore the Future of Meat in a series of conversations, articles, and original artwork.





Meatpaper Issue nineteen
published November, 2012

sold out


issue nineteen

In Meatpaper’s “Fishue,” learn about the taste of whale, the plight of the Antarctic toothfish, eel poaching, the archaeology of fish sauce, noodling, love on an Alaskan fishing boat, zebrafish, Isabella Rossellini in a squid costume, and more.





Meatpaper Issue eighteen
published July, 2012



issue eighteen

Meatpaper 18 is the Food Issue! Inside: Hungarian-inspired meats, a bollito misto experiment, our unofficial map of all the national dishes of the world, the birthplace of Buffalo wings, the idea of steak, reader-submitted recipes, and more.





Meatpaper Issue SEVENTEEN
published March, 2012




Inside: We present a special poetry and illustration feature, stories about real crab and imitation crab, meat fakery, meat on television, cricket trapping, and, as you can see, portraits of U.S. presidents holding hams.





Meatpaper Issue sixteen
published October, 2011



issue sixteen

Inside: We investigate BONES in this special theme issue. Wishbones! Scrimshaw! Talismans! Archaeology! Contemporary art! Evolution! Jell-O! And more.





Meatpaper Issue fifteen
published June, 2011



issue fifteen

Inside: a wide-ranging feast of topics. Learn about meat glue, animals that eat people, Cree hunting traditions, beef in India, the challenges of lamb ranching in the rain, how to butcher roadkill, and more!


A Fish Without Bones
The rise of meat glue

by Lily Mihalik






Meatpaper Issue FOURTEEN
published February, 2011




Looking at Meat: In Meatpaper 14, we examine meat’s visual culture. Learn about sushi philosophy, the relationship between meat and women in avant garde cinema, the real story behind the making of Lady Gaga’s meat dress, and why an image of steak makes a painting more powerful.


Behind the Meat Dress
There are people sewing the meat dress

by Heather Smith






Meatpaper Issue thirteen plus SANDWICH
published October, 2010



issue thirteen

We offer stories about a variety of meats, including python, locusts, tripe, beef tongue, porcupine, dog, and jailhouse meat. We also share true stories of the people who make their living from meat, from Utah to northernmost Vermont.


When Backyard Chickens Become Pets: The growing geriatric chicken population
by Kasandra Griffin

The Bunnies of Wartime: A World War II-era DIY meat manual resurfaces
book review by Novella Carpenter

Meat in America: Turning offal into energy, and other aspects of small-town butchery in northern Vermont
interview by Maria Gould

There’s No Such Thing as a Bad Cut: An excerpt from Primal Cuts: Cooking with America’s Best Butchers
interview by Marissa Guggiana

Meatpaper 13 comes with a special gift: SANDWICH, a mini-zine covering all things sandwich. We interview the current Earl of Sandwich about his infamous great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, and the infographic gurus at GOOD present a dizzying global web of interconnected sandwich parts.


Holy Sandwich! Edible architecture and the Renaissance section
by Nicholas de Monchaux

Saigon Sandwich: Vietnam’s crunchy cross-cultural creation
by Julie Wan

He’s Got the Whole World In His Bread: The Earth Sandwich
by Marissa Guggiana

A Noble Snack: How the sandwich got its name
interview by Malia Wollan

Gun, with Sandwich: The Internet horde decodes Radiohead
by Toby Warner

The Sandwich That Changed My Life: True stories from Meatpaper readers






Meatpaper Issue twelve
published July, 2010

sold out


issue Twelve

Our unofficial hamburger issue, Issue Twelve delivers a brief history of hamburgers, the Zen of burger flipping, and hamburger-themed religious iconography. We also report on competitive eating, bug tacos, squirrel hunting, sea turtles, and more.


Same Old, Same Old: Cooking 100 burgers a day
interview by Heather Smith

Snap, Crackle, Pop! On Eating Bugs and Worms
by Lucy Lean

The Afterlife of Afterbirth
Notes on eating human placenta

by Cynthia Mitchell

The Holy Hamburger Series
by Ariyana Suvarnasuddhi

Animal Science: A visit to the UC Davis Meat Laboratory
story by Malia Wollan

Wild Game at the Winery: In praise of guinea fowl
by Andrew Mariani and Chris Fischer






Meatpaper Issue ELEVEN
published April, 2010



issue ELEVEN

Inside: A globetrotting array of stories takes you from Vietnam to a New England yak farm. Learn about oyster farming, meat facials, and the global origins of one taco’s ingredients.


The Global Tacoshed: Do you know where your taco comes from?
story and graphics by John Bela, Teresa Aguilera, Annelise Aldrich & Rachael Yu

The Fish Taco Farm: An experiment in urban aquaponics
by Heather Smith

Mr. Oyster Goes to Washington: How an estuary became a battleground between agriculture and wilderness
interview by Marissa Guggiana

Another Meatless Monday: The fight to bring variety to Baltimore school lunches
story by Eliza Barclay

How Much for That Tê Tê? Vietnam’s illegal pangolin trade
story by Mike Ives

Eating the Thing That Sings: A rough guide to music about plucking
by Heather Smith





Meatpaper Issue ten
published January, 2010



issue ten

Inside: a multi-disciplinary, sensory extravaganza of topics, including meat perfume; meat aura photographs; meat in rock, punk, and soul music; meat as building material; and rabbit farming as a sustainable food of the future.


The Rabbitry and the Family: Bunnies may be the food of the future
interview by Marissa Guggiana

Why No One Wants to Eat the Meat House: The complicated world of meatchitecture
interview by Heather Smith

Kirlian Photography: An artist searches for meat auras
images and text by Nate Larson

The New School of Haute Perfume A contemporary perfumer’s uncommon scents
by Lucas Crawford and Carmen Ellison

Notes Toward a Definitive Treatise on the Role of Meat in Popular Music with Special Consideration of Rock ’n’ Roll
by Tony Michels





Meatpaper Issue NINE
published October, 2009



issue nine

Inside: the controversy about eating seal meat in Canada (and what that has to do with maple syrup), early-20th-century slaughterhouse tourism, the day-to-day life of a livestock veterinarian, the lard vs. butter debate among pie bakers, and that age-old question: What did T. rex taste like?


Grace and Grit: A young veterinarian does his part for the American food system
interview by Marissa Guggiana

All is Fair in Pie and War: The lard vs. butter debate comes to a climax
by Colleen Hubbard

What's in a Name: Temple Grandin and the ethics of certifiable meat
by Heather Smith





Meatpaper Issue EIGHT
published June, 2009

sold out


issue eight

Inside: a trip to the taxidermist’s studio, haute cuisine hot dogs, eating and hunting with the Kangiqsujuaq, and everything you always wanted to know about cattle insemination but were afraid to ask.


Song of Cracklin
poem by Kevin Young

The Lonesome Call of the Animal Fluffer: Everything you always wanted to know about cattle insemination but were afraid to ask
by Marissa Guggiana

So Fresh the Heart is Still Beating: Eating and hunting with the Kangiqsujuaq
by Justin Nobel

The repulsion will be televised: On why we watch men eating meat
by Chris Ying

Polish in his horns: A taxidermist's artistry
by Marissa Guggiana





Meatpaper Issue SEVEN
published March, 2009

sold out


issue SEVEN

The Pig Issue!
Inside: how a county fair sow is like Miss America, pig lit, chefs’ pig tattoos, a fake bacon taste test, and much more

Why, God, Why? How veggie bacon stacks up against the real deal
by Heather Smith

Leap of Faith: The persistence of pork prohibitions in a swine-centric world
by Jeffrey Yoskowitz

The Pork Provacateur: One person’s reverence is another’s revulsion when it comes to the source of a meal
by Kelly Stewart





Meatpaper Issue SIX
published December, 2008



issue SIX

Inside: stories of opposing slaughter philosophies in Northern California, a world-famous Belgian artist tells us what it's like inside a suit made of steaks, and where the bulls go after the matador has struck. And we tackle the thorny issue of whether bacon and chocolate really belong together.of salami, electricity, and eau de Cologne.


Elegy for the Knackerman: There are only a few ways to legally kill a farm animal in California.One-Shot Johnny is one of them.
by Tamar Adler

Spam in a Can: A brief history of meat in orbit
by Nicholas de Monchaux





Meatpaper Issue fIVE
published September, 2008



issue fIVE

Bill and Nicolette Niman on what makes sustainable meat, San Francisco chefs discuss whole-animal butchery and cooking, a meat art extravaganza in Cambridge, and Italian Futurists demonstrate the culinary possibilities of salami, electricity, and eau de Cologne.


Carne Diem: What meat art can tell us about life and death
by Richard Fulmer

Head Games: An intrepid home chef braves the brain
by Bonnie Azab Powell

The Whole-Animal Challenge: When life gives you offal, make meatballs
by Marcia Gagliardi

Dining for the Brave: Italian Futurists take to the kitchen.
by Laurie Loftus

Meatpaper Issue four
published June, 2008

sold out


issue four

The global politics of chicken wings, animal cannibalism in the children’s books of Richard Scarry, plus the beefytini, weeniecello, and other adventures in mixology.


Migration, on Ice: How globalization kills chickens for their parts
by Malia Wollan

Deep Freeze: If a 14-year-old chicken breast could talk
by Paul La Farge

Ode to Boudin
poem by Kevin Young

Bacon, Not Stirred The beefytini, weenicello, and other meat cocktails
by Rachel Khong





Meatpaper Issue Three
published March, 2008

sold out


issue three

Israel’s clandestine pork market, meat styling for everyday objects, the etymology of the meat diaper, Tunisian goat balls, frog-free frogmeat, and one extremely persuasive vegan.


Sweat Sock: The Other White Meat
by Chris Colin
What grill marks and a little garnish can do

The Urban Farmer
Do farm animals survive by dying?
interview by Amy Standen





Meatpaper Issue TWO
published December, 2007

sold out



Phony Baloney
Inside Layonna Wang's gallery of gluten
by Heather Smith

Eating the Air on Promise of Supply
An interview with Barbara Weissberger
by Sasha Wizansky

Till Dinner Do Us Part
Cannibalism strains a marriage
by Jeremy Cantor and Camella Bontaites

Leading Lambs to Slaughter
In search of a kinder, gentler abbatoir
by Marissa Guggiana





Meatpaper One Cover

Meatpaper Issue One
published September, 2007




Letter from the editors
What is the fleischgeist, anyway?

They’ve Got Chops
The new school of old school butcher shops
interview by Amy Standen

On the Range
Braised moose nose, roasted cicadas, and other traditional Native American treats
interview by Amy Standen

Why Is This Meat Different from All Other Meats?
by Benjamin Aldes Wurgaft
The debate over kosher and cruelty

Monster Pig
by Rob Baedeker
What's next for the 11-year-old Alabama boy who bagged the 1,000 pound pig?

Meatpaper Zero Cover

Meatpaper Issue ZERO
published March, 2007

sold out


articles from issue zero

Letter from the editors
“Why create a magazine about meat?”

Michael Arcega’s SPAM/MAPS
by Sasha Wizansky
“I was wondering why we, as Filipinos, eat Spam.”

Chris Cosentino doesn’t want to eat penis, but if he has to, he will
by Amy Standen
“If you order kidneys, I'm not gonna chop it up into a million pieces so you can't see what it is.”

Meat me halfway
by Chris Colin
“With the minor drama of an epiphany, my guilt morphed into a new philosophy of meat eating.”

Implications for Modern Life
by Matthea Harvey
“The ham flowers have veins and are rimmed in rind, each petal a little meat sunset.”

by Nicholas de Monchaux
“When you operate in an overbulit metropolis, you have to hack your way with a meat ax.”

Pig slaughter, Montenero Val Cocchiara, Italy
photos by John Caserta
“There's a heartbeat that actually decreases, and you can hear the breathing.”
photo by Sasha Wizansky