here are some mentions of meatpaper in print, web & Radio media

The New York Times: T Magazine
Foodieodicals: “...six standouts to which you should hungrily subscribe”.
May 15, 2012

The Fox is Black
“Where meat, flavor, art, and ideas meet: Condiment and Meatpaper
May 16, 2011

STACK Magazines blog
“There’s something very clever about focusing on a subject that can be made both everyday and taboo with a slight twist of context”
May 13, 2011

Lost in the Larder
“A brilliant magazine full of essays and writings on food ...”
April 23, 2011

GOOD Magazine online
“The Eight Food Magazines You Should Read Now”
August 23, 2010

The Huffington Post
“Food Magazines & Periodicals Rundown”
July 22, 2010

The New York Times
“‘People in the Bay Area seem particularly interested in working together in creating a thoughtful experience around food,’ Ms. Wizansky said.”
May 20, 2010

BBC: Have I Got News for You
Several copies of Meatpaper make a guest appearance
May 20, 2010

The New York Times
“Ever since the Victorians began keeping them as pets, the relationship between the rabbit and the table has been uneasy”
March 3, 2010

Boing Boing
“Meat: The Magazine”
March 3, 2010

Good Magazine Blog
“Backyard Bunnies Are the New Urban Chickens”
March 2, 2010

On3 Radio, Germany
“Voll im Fleischgeist”
February 23, 2010

STACK America Blog
“Meet Meatpaper”
January 29, 2010

SvD — Sweden
“Hellre flottigt än flott på tallriken”
December 5, 2009

Zeit — Germany
“Fleisch ist das neue Gemüse”
November 26, 2009

“We Love Butchers.”
November 19, 2009

Time Out New York: The Feed
“A few lucky locavores went down the rabbit hole in Brooklyn last night for a special five-course lapin-themed menu.”
November 17, 2009

New York Times: Diner's Journal Blog
“Twelve rabbits lost their lives in Bushwick Sunday afternoon.”
November 16, 2009

San Francisco Chronicle
“In my experience, there is very little animosity between people who have different dietary habits.”
November 1, 2009

Associated Press
“In nation of cowboys, pork thrives.”
October 30, 2009

Utne blog
“In the latest issue of Meatpaper, Chris Ying deconstructs our love for watching men masticate curious things on television.”
July, 2009

San Francisco Magazine Best of the Bay Area
“Meatpaper, a two-year-old journal produced in San Francisco, seeks to fatten your imagination with a diet of articles devoted to matters of the flesh.”
June, 2009

@Issue Journal
“As quirky and off-the-wall as the idea sounds, it works because the design, articles and artwork are fascinating and beautifully presented.”
June 20, 2009
Ein Magazin Über Fleischkultur
May 27, 2009

The 10 Coolest Specialty Food and Drink Magazines
May 20, 2009

Sasha Wizansky on Her Meat-Obsessed Quarterly Mag
May 1, 2009

Pork: The Other White Meatpaper
April 24, 2009

“Speaking of carnivores and vegetarians...” A conversation with Sasha Wizansky, the co-founder of Meatpaper, a magazine that probes meat culture.
April 15, 2009

Mini International
“Sasha Wizansky and Amy Standen ... contend that eating that hamburger brings up questions of philosophy, morality, politics, science and art — along with the occasional recipe for beef heart salad.”
Fall, 2008

Print Magazine
The cover of Meatpaper Issue Two was selected for inclusion in Print's Regional Design Annual
December, 2008

Utne Reader
Amy Standen’s interview with Novella Carpenter was selected for reprint, along with photographs by Julio Duffoo.
November/December, 2008

“...meat is more than what's for dinner; it is, as Standen puts it, ‘a potent symbol for what it means to be human.’”
June/July, 2008

Library Journal
“Best Magazines of 2007”
“This thoughtful, unique, brash, and provocative magazine is not for the squeamish or those who don't wish to have their assumptions challenged.”
May 1, 2008

New York Review of Magazines
Meatpaper’s first two issues show it to be working with some lean muscle. It has the confidence and style that make a journal of meat culture seem like the most natural thing in the world.”
May, 2008

Definitely not the Opera (CBC Radio)
“...the editors of "Meatpaper Magazine," Sasha Wizansky and Amy Standen, talk about meat metaphor and flesh-based art.”
April 26, 2008

The Washington Post
“A Choice Quarterly That's Well Done, and Rare”
April 15, 2008

“A Deeper Cut of Meat”
March/April, 2008

art: Das Kunstmagazin
“FLEISCH & KUNST: Meatpaper
February 20, 2008

“bookmark: meatpaper
Winter, 2008

San Francisco Bay Guardian
“In the category of coolest stuff in the world, Sasha Wizansky recently sent a copy of Meatpaper ... a magazine she coedits with Amy Standen, to the Guardian offices.”
February 13, 2008

The Restaurant Guys Radio Show
“Carnivores of the world unite: Meatpaper is a new magazine out of San Francisco” an interview with Amy Standen
February 8, 2008

Last Exit Magazine
“We talked with them about meat as art, metaphor, adventure and why it doesn’t matter that Standen recently returned to her tofu-eating ways.”
January 16, 2008

Current TV
“Amy Standen and Sasha Wizansky are the born-again carnivores behind "Meatpaper," a new publication based out of San Francisco that just hit the newsstands.”
January 4, 2008

The Bryant Park Project, NPR
Meatpaper is a magazine that is not just for meat eaters; it is for meat-shunners as well. Meat is a great symbol for the questions many of us face.”
December 28, 2007

New York Times
“Meat to Wrap the Mind Around”
December 19, 2007

Print Magazine
Meatpaper, an elegant art quarterly published in San Francisco, takes neither a pro- nor anti-vegetarian stance; instead, it seeks to investigate our culture's complicated relationship with animal flesh.”
November/December 2007

Utne Reader
Meatpaper is nominated for the 2007 Utne Independent Press Award for Best New Publication
October, 2007

Meatpaper in Yelp!
“...they can throw quite a party. Slow Club was hopping with meat enthusiasts...”
October 15, 2007

Food & Wine
“This San Francisco–based quarterly journal covers the ethos and ethics of carnivorism with provocative photos and smart, protein-packed articles.”
October, 2007

Philadelphia City Paper
“Meatpaper — a quarterly art and culture magazine that gnaws at the meat industry and everything in between — has got my taste buds in a trance.”
October 2, 2007

The Onion, Bay Area print version
“Talkin' chop: Sasha Wizansky and Amy Standen have meat on the brain.”
August 23, 2007

From the Stacks, the Utne Reader
“What I try to do,” [Cosentino] says, “is make people understand a whole-animal ethic.”
August 3, 2007

Good Food, KCRW (Audio stream)
Meatpaper explores some deep questions, through art and thoughtful articles.”
July 21, 2007

The Splendid Table (Real Media stream, last show segment)
July 21, 2007
Meatpaper is a non-food food magazine.”

KQED California Report (Real Media stream)
June 29, 2007
“What exactly is meat culture anyway?”

The Main Ingredient with Kelli Brett (MP3)
(An English language radio show in Spain)
June 22, 2007
“We think it would really limit the story if we only provided one point of view.”

7X7 Best of San Francisco
June 2007
“Best Magazines for Serious Food Nerds”

SF Weekly Best of San Francisco
May 16, 2007
“Everyone, it seemed, had something to say about edible dead animals.”

The Culinate Interview
May 8, 2007
“Standen: Bacon is a gateway meat. I don’t know why; in a way it’s one of the most extreme forms of it. But I’ve met many people who say they’re vegetarian, except for bacon.”

Patricia Unterman, San Francisco Examiner
April 5, 2007
“I’m certainly thinking more now about the provenance of the meat I eat and this insouciant little magazine serves up a big helping of food for thought.”

Leah Garchick, San Francisco Chronicle
April 3, 2007
“The newest celestial body in the firmament of San Francisco publications is Meatpaper, ‘your journal of meat culture.’”

The Ethicurean
March 29, 2007
“The first issue packs a weighty wallop for just 20 pages.”

Hip Tastes Blog
March 29, 2007
“Dedicated entirely to meat culture - including its alter ego topic - ANTI-meat culture - Meatpaper debuted with a superbly peopled meatfest last Tuesday night at Sugarlump Coffee House.”