About Meatpaper
  At once divisive and universal, delicious and disturbing, funny and dead-serious, meat polarizes us unlike any other food.

Us, we’re ambidextrous here at Meatpaper — no agenda except to gnaw on the ideas, artistic excursions and bone-deep emotions the subject inspires. We invite you to dig in with us.

  about the editors

Sasha Wizansky co-founded Meatpaper in 2006 and is the Editor-In-Chief and Art Director. A visual artist and graphic designer, she has been considering and documenting the meat zeitgeist for several years.

Maria GOULD is a full-time graduate student, freelance editor, and part-time vegetable-seller.

Nathanael Johnson is a freelance writer in San Francisco who likes eating meat and grappling with the uncertain moralities implicit in that act. He has written for Harper's Magazine, New York, Outside, This American Life, and is currently working a book that tells the story of his all-natural family and searches out the kernels of truth amid the misinformation on natural birth, natural foods and natural medicine.

HEATHER SMITH lives in Oakland. She is a journalist who spends a great deal of her time covering meat issues. She also claims to be a vegetarian.

Amy Standen is a reporter for Quest, KQED public radio's local science and environment show. She co-founded Meatpaper in 2006. No longer involved with the day-to-day operations of the magazine, she continues to fill an advisory role.

MALIA WOLLAN was a teenage vegetarian. A regular contributor to the New York Times, her written and multimedia pieces have also appeared in The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times Magazine, National Public Radio and Frontline/WORLD.