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selected articles from issue 15

A Fish Without Bones
The rise of meat glue

by Lily Mihalik

selected articles from issue 14

Behind the Meat Dress
There are people sewing the meat dress

by Heather Smith

selected articles from issue 12

The Afterlife of Afterbirth
Notes on eating human placenta

by Cynthia Mitchell


selected articles from issue 8

The repulsion will be televised: On why we watch men eating meat
by Chris Ying

Polish in his horns: A taxidermist's artistry
by Marissa Guggiana


selected articles from issue 7

Why, God, Why? How veggie bacon stacks up against the real deal
by Heather Smith

Leap of Faith: The persistence of pork prohibitions in a swine-centric world
by Jeffrey Yoskowitz

The Pork Provacateur: One person’s reverence is another’s revulsion when it comes to the source of a meal
by Kelly Stewart


selected articles from issue 6

Elegy for the Knackerman
There are only a few ways to legally kill a farm animal in California.One-Shot Johnny is one of them.
by Tamar Adler

Spam in a Can: A brief history of meat in orbit
by Nicholas de Monchaux


selected articles from issue 5

Carne Diem: What meat art can tell us about life and death
by Richard Fulmer

Head Games: An intrepid home chef braves the brain
by Bonnie Azab Powell

The Whole-Animal Challenge: When life gives you offal, make meatballs
by Marcia Gagliardi

Dining for the Brave: Italian Futurists take to the kitchen.
by Laurie Loftus


selected articles from issue 4

Migration, on Ice: How globalization kills chickens for their parts
by Malia Wollan

Deep Freeze: If a 14-year-old chicken breast could talk
by Paul La Farge

Ode to Boudin
poem by Kevin Young

Bacon, Not Stirred The beefytini, weenicello, and other meat cocktails
by Rachel Khong


selected articles FROM issue 3

Sweat Sock: The Other White Meat
by Chris Colin
What grill marks and a little garnish can do

The Urban Farmer
Do farm animals survive by dying?
interview by Amy Standen



Phony Baloney
Inside Layonna Wang's gallery of gluten
by Heather Smith

Eating the Air on Promise of Supply
An interview with Barbara Weissberger
by Sasha Wizansky

Till Dinner Do Us Part
Cannibalism strains a marriage
by Jeremy Cantor and Camella Bontaites

Leading Lambs to Slaughter
In search of a kinder, gentler abbatoir
by Marissa Guggiana


Letter from the editors
What is the fleischgeist, anyway?

They’ve Got Chops
The new school of old school butcher shops
interview by Amy Standen

On the Range
Braised moose nose, roasted cicadas, and other traditional Native American treats
interview by Amy Standen

Why Is This Meat Different from All Other Meats?
by Benjamin Aldes Wurgaft
The debate over kosher and cruelty

Monster Pig
by Rob Baedeker
What's next for the 11-year-old Alabama boy who bagged the 1,000 pound pig?

articles from issue zero

Letter from the editors
“Why create a magazine about meat?”

Michael Arcega’s SPAM/MAPS
by Sasha Wizansky
“I was wondering why we, as Filipinos, eat Spam.”

Chris Cosentino doesn’t want to eat penis, but if he has to, he will
by Amy Standen
“If you order kidneys, I'm not gonna chop it up into a million pieces so you can't see what it is.”

Meat me halfway
by Chris Colin
“With the minor drama of an epiphany, my guilt morphed into a new philosophy of meat eating.”

Implications for Modern Life
by Matthea Harvey
“The ham flowers have veins and are rimmed in rind, each petal a little meat sunset.”

by Nicholas de Monchaux
“When you operate in an overbulit metropolis, you have to hack your way with a meat ax.”

Pig slaughter, Montenero Val Cocchiara, Italy
photos by John Caserta
“There's a heartbeat that actually decreases, and you can hear the breathing.”



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Meat links

Jan Svankmajer’s “Meat Love” animation from 1989

The biggest meat recall in history began with mistreatment of sick cows.

FDA calls cloned meat "indistinguishable" from the other kind.

What's with all the naked vegans?

Is there any hope for vegetarians / carnivores romance?

What happens when India and China star eating as much meat as Americans do?

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A Chicago court says ney to horse meat.

Technicolor meatscapes from around the world.

Are you a "graveyard for animals?" Ask a vegansexual.

NY Times reviews Peter Luger's "breathtaking" porterhouse.

Definitely the world's cutest hotdog sculpture.

Meat art most likely to vegetarian-ify you.

Michael Pollan's advice: "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."

Late night burger-grinding
Inside the dry-aging room at New York’s Master Purveyors.

Fast Food: Ads vs. Reality
A tale of two Sausage McMuffins.

Life in Japan
Or, how to avoid a hungry lizard while wearing a pork chop hat.

Pakistani cuisine's take on hangover meat.

Meat alphabet
Alphabet made of raw hamburger.

Hats of meat
Perhaps the longest-running website devoted to meat headwear.

Weird Meat
A blogger explores.

Why food writers are obsessed with pigs
Sara Dickerman takes on the question: how is pork different from other meats?

featured meat art

tamara kostianovsky

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