JUNE, 2007

Monster Pig
by Rob Baedeker
What's next for the 11-year-old Alabama boy who bagged the 1,000 pound pig?

articles from Issue zero
MARCH, 2007

Letter from the editors
“Why create a magazine about meat?”

Michael Arcega’s SPAM/MAPS
by Sasha Wizansky
“I was wondering why we, as Filipinos, eat Spam.”

Chris Cosentino doesn’t want to eat penis, but if he has to, he will
by Amy Standen
“If you order kidneys, I'm not gonna chop it up into a million pieces so you can't see what it is.”

Meat me halfway
by Chris Colin
“With the minor drama of an epiphany, my guilt morphed into a new philosophy of meat eating.”

Implications for Modern Life
by Matthea Harvey
“The ham flowers have veins and are rimmed in rind, each petal a little meat sunset.”

by Nicholas de Monchaux
“When you operate in an overbulit metropolis, you have to hack your way with a meat ax.”

Pig slaughter, Montenero Val Cocchiara, Italy
photos by John Caserta
“There's a heartbeat that actually decreases, and you can hear the breathing.”