The Future of Meat — and the future of Meatpaper

August 23, 2013

image by Marie Assénat
Meatpaper Twenty — the Future of Meat issue — will start shipping next week. It will also be our last issue. We are so grateful you have joined us!

It is with mixed feelings that we announce our final issue. It has been an amazing, inspiring, seven-year journey. We may reappear in another form at some point, but our plans are still coalescing. Our back issue store will remain open so you can supplement your Meatpaper libraries. If you are a current subscriber, you will be hearing from us about your subscription.

As we were contemplating the final issue, we thought it would be appropriate to leave you with the future.

We invited a few of our favorite thinkers — Bruce German, Michael Pollan, Hank Shaw, Charles Mann, Kara Nielsen, Kirk Lombard, and more — to gaze into a crystal ball with us and talk about the future of meat. We asked some of our favorite illustrators and contributors to give us their own meat futures.

What they gave us: Pumped-up cows. Bucolic chickens. Futures filled with fake meat, wild meat, tiny meat, trendy meat, lab meat, insect meat, utopian meat, business meat, moral meat, political meat, fantastical meat. We tried to cram it all in: utopia, dystopia, and everything in between.

Don’t miss this historic final issue! Order your copy of Meatpaper 20 and some back issues today.

Dear readers, subscribers, contributors, retailers, advertisers, event sponsors, and other Meatpaper enthusiasts: We thank you for all your support over the years, and for being a part of this lively and timely conversation.

About Meatpaper:

Meatpaper, an independent quarterly print journal covering art and ideas about meat, launched in 2007. Neither promoting nor condemning carnivorism, Meatpaper was founded in response to the recent groundswell of interest in the ethics, aesthetics, and cultural significance of meat. Meatpaper articles are from many different angles: reported journalism, profiles of people who spend their lives working with meat, anthropology, personal narrative, coverage of artists who use meat as subject or material, and poetry. Each issue features original art, photography, and editorial illustrations.

All cultures have customs and taboos associated with the eating of animals, and our belief has been that examining these attitudes toward meat in an unbiased forum can illuminate larger cultural issues. We have been deeply committed to independent journalism. Meatpaper came into being not to prescribe dietary choices, but to facilitate one of the more important conversations of our time.

Meatpaper has received numerous honors, including awards from San Francisco magazine, Library Journal, and Print, as well as several Utne Independent Press Award nominations. Meatpaper has appeared in exhibitions at the Walker Art Center, Cooper-Hewitt, and other institutions.

Meatpaper Twenty — the Future of Meat issue — is also the last issue. It will arrive at stores and in subscribers’ hands in late August and early September.

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Our infamous T-rex poster is now available for purchase!

September 27, 2012

Based on original artwork by Rebecca Macri for Meatpaper, with help from butcher Ryan Farr of 4505 Meats, this limited edition poster is hand-silkscreened on stiff paperboard. T-Rex might have tasted like chicken (see Issue 9 to learn why) but we like to think of T-rex as having its own T-bone.

Purchase T-rex here!


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Meatpaper 18 is on its way!

June 28, 2012

If you’ve been meaning to subscribe, don’t delay!

Meatpaper 18 is our “Food Issue” featuring deliciousness of all kinds. You are invited to the feast: Hungarian-inspired meats, a bollito misto experiment, our unofficial map of all the national dishes of the world, the birthplace of Buffalo wings, the idea of steak, reader-submitted recipes, and more.

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We are collecting “Meat Up” submissions — deadline extended!

April 11, 2012

We are collecting short, personal essays for our “Meat Up” Section. The next theme is “kitchen stories.”

Meatpaper 17 photo detail by Jessica Niello
Meatpaper 17 photo detail by Jessica Niello

Have you ever noticed that when you make a particular dish, a significant memory overtakes you? For Proust it was a madeleine that summoned powerful memories — is there a meat dish that functions in the same way for you? For the “Meat Up” section in Issue Eighteen, we are collecting your recipes and the stories that surround them.

E-mail your recipe and an accompanying mini-essay that explains its significance (the essay should be 250 words or less) to stories [at] meatpaper [dot] com by April 20, 2012.

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The Crab Fisherman: A video by Claudia Escobar

March 23, 2012

When we went to interview crab fisherman Ron Ashwin for Meatpaper Issue 17, the ferociously talented Claudia Escobar came along. The dock where Ron’s boat, the Sea Fox, is tied up is just a five minute walk from the surging amoeba of tourists that is Fisherman’s Wharf, but it seemed like another world – quiet except for the sound of waves and seagulls and burly fishermen hollering “Ladies! Ron’s got ladies! On his boat!” The presence of ladies doesn’t seem that exciting if you happen to be one, but it clearly made a big impression down at the docks.

I’ve collaborated with Claudia before and I’m always impressed at how we can interview the same person and come away with two different stories. I did most of the interviewing, but the end result is very much hers.

The Crab Fisherman from LA CASITA on Vimeo.

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OPENharvest at Headlands on March 29

March 20, 2012

Headlands Center for the Arts hosts an evening with OPENrestaurant: Members of the food and art collective share their experience in Japan with an interactive, multi-sensory experience involving video, images, conversation, and savory, Japan-inspired tastings.

OPENharvest was created in 2011 when members of the Bay Area collective OPENrestaurant joined forces with Tokyo’s Food Light Project to build support for Japanese sustainable food systems. The Bay Area contingent traveled to Japan to visit farmers, fishermen, cooks and artists, documenting along the way and organizing a series of engagements across Tokyo. At Headlands, members of OPENrestaurant will create an immersive environment that will begin to tell the story of their encounters in Japan. Stories, photographs, and artifacts will be shared. Ramen, featuring local ingredients of the Bay Area, will be served. Guests may visit a Japanese-style whisky bar, attend a presentation about food and radiation, listen to audio recordings from OPENharvest, view photos and videos from Japan, and more.

OPENharvest at Headlands

Thursday, March 29, 2012
6:30 – 10 pm

Headlands Center for the Arts
944 Fort Barry
Sausalito, CA

$25 ($20 for Headlands members)
Buy tickets

Kayoko Akabori, Anandamayi Arnold, Sasha Bernstein, Aya Brackett, Sylvan Brackett, Howie Correa, Sam Fuller, Charlie Hallowell, Kelly Ishikawa, Jerry Jaksich, Susan Kim, Chris Kronner, Yoko Kumano, Tal Mor, Jessica Niello, Stacie Pierce, Louesa Roebuck, Yuko Sato, Jeremy Tooker, Jerome Waag, Jonathan Waters, Sam White, David Wilson, Sasha Wizansky, Melissa Wong, Renata Yagolnitzer

PLEASE NOTE: All guests will be asked to remove their shoes at the door, so please make sure to wear nice socks. Also, evenings can be chilly at the Headlands, so dress accordingly.

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Thank you, BONE-enthusiasts!

March 1, 2012

BONES: 20th Street Corridor Crawl on February 10, 2012 was a truly special event.

500 Capp Street

Hundreds of bone enthusiasts came out in a light drizzle to check out marrow many ways, music played on bony instruments, bone installations, wishbone-breaking, bone lectures, and much more. Meatpaper would like to extend special thanks to all the collaborators and volunteers who made it possible!

500 Capp Street Foundation (David Ireland’s house)
Kadist Art Foundation
Southern Exposure
The Thing Quarterly
Salumeria / flour + water

Chicken Paw

Trumer Pils
Scribe Winery

And myriad artists and helpers.

Check out the photos and a map of all the happenings.

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February 10 — BONES: 20th Street Corridor Crawl

January 13, 2012

T-rex meat diagram

Please join us.

In celebration of Meatpaper Issue 16, the “Bones” issue, Meatpaper and friends are hosting a night of art, music, food, and drink, in the secret (and not so secret) places of the San Francisco Mission District’s 20th Street Corridor.

Download a map and guide to all the happenings.


Bones: 20th Street Corridor Crawl

Friday, February 10, 2012
7 pm – 11 pm

20th Street, between Capp & Florida
San Francisco


500 Capp Street Foundation (David Ireland’s house)
Kadist Art Foundation
Southern Exposure
The Thing Quarterly


Jerome Waag (Chez Panisse)
Nick Balla (Bar Tartine)
Leah Rosenberg (Blue Bottle Coffee at SFMOMA)
Thomas McNaughton (flour + water)

Biodynamic wine
Trumer Pils

… and more

Music by Chicken Paw
… installations and performances by many local artists. See map for more information.


The event is free and open to the public!
Tickets will be on sale for tasting plates.

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Delicate: New Food Culture. A new book from Gestalten.

November 11, 2011

Meatpaper is pleased to be included in this new book from Gestalten: Delicate: New Food Culture.

From the website: “Delicate is an inspiring collection of people, places, projects, and products from around the world that are blazing trails for a new passion for food and the ways we share it.”

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Meatpaper in Tokyo

November 11, 2011

We are pleased to announce that Meatpaper is now available in its first shop in Tokyo. Visit Shibuya Publishing & Booksellers to see the “Bones!” issue as well as a few back issues!

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