The Future of Meat — and the future of Meatpaper

August 23, 2013

image by Marie Assénat
Meatpaper Twenty — the Future of Meat issue — will start shipping next week. It will also be our last issue. We are so grateful you have joined us!

It is with mixed feelings that we announce our final issue. It has been an amazing, inspiring, seven-year journey. We may reappear in another form at some point, but our plans are still coalescing. Our back issue store will remain open so you can supplement your Meatpaper libraries. If you are a current subscriber, you will be hearing from us about your subscription.

As we were contemplating the final issue, we thought it would be appropriate to leave you with the future.

We invited a few of our favorite thinkers — Bruce German, Michael Pollan, Hank Shaw, Charles Mann, Kara Nielsen, Kirk Lombard, and more — to gaze into a crystal ball with us and talk about the future of meat. We asked some of our favorite illustrators and contributors to give us their own meat futures.

What they gave us: Pumped-up cows. Bucolic chickens. Futures filled with fake meat, wild meat, tiny meat, trendy meat, lab meat, insect meat, utopian meat, business meat, moral meat, political meat, fantastical meat. We tried to cram it all in: utopia, dystopia, and everything in between.

Don’t miss this historic final issue! Order your copy of Meatpaper 20 and some back issues today.

Dear readers, subscribers, contributors, retailers, advertisers, event sponsors, and other Meatpaper enthusiasts: We thank you for all your support over the years, and for being a part of this lively and timely conversation.

About Meatpaper:

Meatpaper, an independent quarterly print journal covering art and ideas about meat, launched in 2007. Neither promoting nor condemning carnivorism, Meatpaper was founded in response to the recent groundswell of interest in the ethics, aesthetics, and cultural significance of meat. Meatpaper articles are from many different angles: reported journalism, profiles of people who spend their lives working with meat, anthropology, personal narrative, coverage of artists who use meat as subject or material, and poetry. Each issue features original art, photography, and editorial illustrations.

All cultures have customs and taboos associated with the eating of animals, and our belief has been that examining these attitudes toward meat in an unbiased forum can illuminate larger cultural issues. We have been deeply committed to independent journalism. Meatpaper came into being not to prescribe dietary choices, but to facilitate one of the more important conversations of our time.

Meatpaper has received numerous honors, including awards from San Francisco magazine, Library Journal, and Print, as well as several Utne Independent Press Award nominations. Meatpaper has appeared in exhibitions at the Walker Art Center, Cooper-Hewitt, and other institutions.

Meatpaper Twenty — the Future of Meat issue — is also the last issue. It will arrive at stores and in subscribers’ hands in late August and early September.

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