The Crab Fisherman: A video by Claudia Escobar

March 23, 2012

When we went to interview crab fisherman Ron Ashwin for Meatpaper Issue 17, the ferociously talented Claudia Escobar came along. The dock where Ron’s boat, the Sea Fox, is tied up is just a five minute walk from the surging amoeba of tourists that is Fisherman’s Wharf, but it seemed like another world – quiet except for the sound of waves and seagulls and burly fishermen hollering “Ladies! Ron’s got ladies! On his boat!” The presence of ladies doesn’t seem that exciting if you happen to be one, but it clearly made a big impression down at the docks.

I’ve collaborated with Claudia before and I’m always impressed at how we can interview the same person and come away with two different stories. I did most of the interviewing, but the end result is very much hers.

The Crab Fisherman from LA CASITA on Vimeo.

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