Do you have a meat story to share? Or a story about a sandwich?

July 19, 2010

Story submissions due August 17

The Worst Meat I Ever Ate:

You were really hungry. You were really polite. Perhaps too polite. It got easier when you closed your eyes, but not by much. It was arranged on the plate as though it were still alive, and trying to run away from you.

For Issue Thirteen, the theme for Meat Up (our short essay section) is “The Worst Meat I Ever Ate.” Do you have a sweet, funny, terrifying, gross, or otherwise completely indelible story of meat eating? Send your three hundred word essays to Meatpaper, and share those stories that you can’t forget. It will be a profound and healing experience, because you will be passing your story on to an audience that will then not be able to stop thinking about it either. Like a chain letter, but more literary. Send your stories to


The Sandwich That Changed My Life:

Has a sandwich ever changed your life? Destabilized your world? Formed a critical pivot upon which your world view was fundamentally altered? Meatpaper is collecting tales of sandwich-focused bildungsroman for SANDWICH, a new occasional supplement to Meatpaper. Send us your true stories (300 words maximum) to

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