Outstanding in the field was outstanding, indeed.

May 25, 2010

We were fortunate to attend an Outstanding in the Field farm dinner on May 16.

Thank you to all the good folks at Outstanding in the Field for a truly remarkable dinner! Melissa Perello of Frances, and Sharon Ardiana of Gialina (below) collaborated on a fantastic dinner at County Line Harvest in Petaluma.

There was Bellwether spring lamb (and Bellwether’s beautiful cheeses), Liberty duck sausages, Scherrer wines from Sebastopol, County Line strawberries, among many other delicious treats. All of the producers were in attendance.

Apparently it was the chilliest Outstanding in the Field ever. But we wrapped ourselves in blankets and had a great time getting to know the other folks at the long table.

Photographer Claudine Gossett documented the afternoon. A selection of her photos is here.

Organizer Jim Denevan (below) strolled among the diners, sharing photos of his other endeavor, creating giant, temporary drawings on sand and earth.

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You make our day

May 24, 2010

We love getting mail from our readers.

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